April Goal Update


Lets just ignore the fact that it’s already May 4 and I’m just now updating my April goals. Hey, at least I’m updating!

1. Mint.com. This may be a recurring goal until I finally figure out how to stop spending money when we’re out of our budget! I did fairly well on this one. We did rearrange our savings plans and have goals set up which I’m very excited about. It could use more work though.

2. Go to the gym at least 3 times a week. Uh huh, failure. I blame this on car problems this month. We brought my car to the shop once for new tires and Geoff’s three times!! This was especially frustrating because we were down to one car and constantly (it seemed) running to the shop after work.

3. Try one new meal a week from our cookbooks (I don’t feel like we use them enough!) Well, I tried 2 new recipes this month but I didn’t take them from our cookbooks! We did use one cookbook but it was a recipe we knew. Oh well.

4. Post regular menu plans and link up to Menu Plan Monday. I can’t remember if I did this every week and I’m too lazy to look back, but I did plan the menu at least 3 times this month. I’ve been very happy about how this has worked out.

5. Apply to at least one job a week. Yeah, another failure. Partially because I just don’t have any jobs to apply for!


About Megg

I'm a 28 year old, newly married, newly living in Washington, librarian trying to find a job in a library. Meanwhile I'm working with kids and spend my afternoons playing Mancala and reading picture books. Come along for the journey as I share recipes, decoration ideas, photos, and hopefully gain some insight from the internet and fellow bloggers.

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