Get to know me: Day 12


What’s in my bag, in great detail.

First, lets start with the bag itself:

I recently switched out of a goodwill purse and into this one because I needed a change and a little more room for my amazing planner, featured later in this post. This bag is from an etsy shop called Tannei Casey and it is actually a hand-me-down from my best friend. She found the bag first and fell in love, and I did too, when she visited the first spring I was out here. Then, a year later, when she got sick of it, she sent it along to me! This is pretty typical of us and I love it!

Anyway, inside the bag you will find:

My keys with a Hunger Games keychain, my library card, gym membership, petco pals card, Hermione and Dumbledore, and a sushi key fob that I also got from Etsy. And, of course, my actual keys.

My brand new, amazing, Erin Condren planner, which will be discussed in a future post as well. {And no, I did not spend $50 on it…I’m trying to save money!}

My kindle, which is awaiting its Christmas present of a case, from my sister. {This was my birthday gift this year and I love it!}

My wallet, a Target clearance item which was only $8! Love this thing.

There was also a tube of chapstick but I couldn’t get a good picture of it and I didn’t feel like playing around just to take a picture of Blistex. I’m sure you understand.
There isn’t much because, like I said, I just switched over to it so I haven’t accumulated all the stuff I normally do.

What’s in your purse?

PS The next day is your week, in great detail. I’m going to post that next Monday, and instead I’m going to do a few other posts this week. It just made sense to do a week review on a Monday, plus I wanted to give you a break from this series.

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Day 12 – What’s in your bag, in great detail

Day 13 – This week, in great detail
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Day 30 – One last moment, in great detail


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I'm a 28 year old, newly married, newly living in Washington, librarian trying to find a job in a library. Meanwhile I'm working with kids and spend my afternoons playing Mancala and reading picture books. Come along for the journey as I share recipes, decoration ideas, photos, and hopefully gain some insight from the internet and fellow bloggers.

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