Why I will not be caught dead reading 50 Shades of Gray


You didn’t know me in high school, but I refused to read Harry Potter. I have something against large, popular books/movies/fads. Harry Potter went viral and I refused to read it. At least until Christmas of my senior year. Then everything went downhill, and you know the rest.

I did the same thing with Pirates of the Caribbean. I’m pretty sure this was based off the ridiculousness that was the Orlando Bloom obsession. Then my sister got the movie at Christmas, and I watched it 3 times in one week. Yeah.

I say these things, then I go back on them, and then I look like a dummy. This is not the case with 50 Shades of Gray.

The blog world has exploded with this book, and from what I’ve read and heard, it’s simply ridiculous. The writing is terrible (though I’ve heard it got better in the second and third books) and I’m 90% sure most people picked it up for the sex scenes. Don’t deny it.

Sex scenes which, I’ve heard, are simply ridiculous and unrealistic. Oh, I know there’s more to the book than just the sex, there’s an actual relationship! A relationship based off Twilight. Because that’s right, folks, lets not forget this started as a fan fic. And I do not like fan fics. (I have yet to find a good one, though I’ve searched and heard they are out there).

Fan fics, in my mind, often serve one purpose. The author wants to expand on previously written plots and characters, and enjoys writing about sex. Yes, I said it. Most fan fics involve lots of sex.

Guys. Twilight really wasn’t that great (and yes, it’s another bandwagon I jumped on, so I can actually say this!) and neither is 50 Shades of Gray. So stop buying it, and waiting on a mile-long waiting list at your library and pick up a decent book. I can recommend many to you, if you’re interested.

Also, read this.


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  1. So I was facebook stalking you & Laura’s conversation about it this morning, since it shows up in my feed. I recognized the title as a book a friend of mine read and didn’t remember which one it was so I looked it up. Saw a lot of awesome reviews saying similar things as you have, and I have to wonder if MAYBE it’s popular because most of Twilight fandom hasn’t read much else for erotica yet. They discover this as their “first,” assume the stereotype that erotica is “trash,” and have low expectations for it, which are met with intriguing to them SEX. That’s my theory, but I base this on nothing factual, haha!

    Anyway, then I moved on with my day, and Dennis came home from the store (he works tonight). He asked me, “Have you heard of the book 50 Shades of Gray?” And I said, “Yeah I have, I was actually just reading about it. Why?” Apparently, in the car he’d been listening to a radio show that was discussing its popularity. The guy thought it was trash and the gal LOVED it, so Dennis *almost* went and bought it for me! I’m touched that he thought of me, but I’m glad he didn’t buy it (I already have a million other books I wish I owned or had time to read). Cracked me up though. 🙂

    • Wow some of that was grammatically messed up, HA! That’s what I get for writing half of it before my kids’ nap time (spazz time) and not proofreading. 😛

  2. I, also, won’t be reading ’50 Shades of Grey’, but only because I’m not personally into sadomasochism (even the ‘light’ variety featured in 50 Shades of Gray”).
    However, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with other people reading the book. It should be perfectly OK to read a book with a lot of sex in it. I’ve certainly read books with a lot of sex in them. It just depends on different people’s preferences. I’d never shame someone for wanting to read a book about sex. Shame and sex do not mix.
    I’m glad this book is around for the same reason I’m glad other OMG-SUPER-POPULAR books are around: it means people are reading! As you pointed out, there are other “better” things that people could be reading, but I’d never want to stand in the way of someone reading something that he or she is interested in and (gasp) enjoys! I had the same opinion about the Twilight Saga too (I read Twilight and liked it. It was a good fluffy read).
    Your comments on fanfiction make me sad. MOST of it is not about “lots of sex”. It pains me that you’d feel this way when there is SO MUCH GOOD HARRY POTTER FANFICTION out there. Gah! So good! Yeah, there are sexy-time fanfiction stories, but it’s just another form of media and there’s doing to be some sex in some of it. But, people have personal preferences and I respect that, so it’s OK that you don’t like fanfiction. 🙂

  3. Fifty Shades of Gray was awful. Twilight was awful. I just can’t stand books with such weak female characters. In both books the lead male characters says “stay away because I will hurt you” and both women respond “that’s okay”. I think these book do a lot of damage to girls. It is worth all the pain (physical and emotional) as long as the guy is hot is not a good message. As far as the sex scense go, please. When I started reading the book I was convinced a dude had written it. Clearly this person had no idea what a woman wanted or felt. When I found out it was a woman I was shocked. This book is equal to really bad, low budget porn. Good plan to skip this one :0)

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