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Food Waste Friday


It wasn’t the best week for food waste. This week we wasted a bowl of a failed crock pot recipe. Sigh. It had red sauce and pork in it, but also pasta. Geoff insisted that he’s put pasta in the crock pot before, but I wasn’t so sure. Well…I’m still not so sure.
We both had a bowl the night we made it, but it just wasn’t that good. I’m especially disappointed about this because of the pork. Well, live and learn, anyway.

The other thing we wasted was some chocolate pasta. When our families were visiting in August they bought this pasta in Seattle. It’s delicious, and we had it with vanilla ice cream and a nice blackberry sauce that Geoff made. Yum!
Anyway, this pasta sat in our pantry for months, obviously, just pushed to the side. Recently it somehow got pulled to the front, and I actually looked at it a couple says ago, thinking I’d make it when we have company tonight. Unfortunately, on Tuesday morning I opened the pantry door and knocked the bag out, and the pasta fell all over the floor. The floor which, in that particular spot, isn’t very clean at the moment (don’t judge). Geoff tried to help by running water over it (he wasn’t thinking because I was yelling at him for the pasta that I dropped) which obviously ruined it.
I think the thing that makes me the saddest is that I was finally going to use it.

Hopefully this week is better.


Food Waste Friday: A no waste week!


After a not so great food waste week last week, I am happy to report that I have had no waste this week! (At least that I can remember. Maybe I should pay closer attention).
We’ve been really good about eating what we have in the house and finishing leftovers. I’m relieved, because last week wasn’t so great so I wanted to try a little harder this week. Yay!

How did you do this week with your food waste?

Food Waste Friday: I could have done better.


I’m not sure how I feel about this week’s food waste. I threw out a bunch of strawberries, much to my dismay, because they were too wrinkly to be appetizing (well, technically they went into the compost!) I also had to throw out a couple pieces of grilled pizza. We can’t seem to get the hang of this, and I think I’m going to give up. It’s just too darn hard to keep it from getting burnt, which makes me frustrated which, in turn, makes me have to throw out pieces of pizza. Luckily pizza is super cheap to make, and we got a huge back of mozzarella cheese at Costco, so it’s not a huge waste of money. However, waste is waste, and this needed to go in the trash, not the compost, so I’m not thrilled about it.

I also haven’t been cooking much lately, which has made lunches difficult. We got 2 free dinners this week, and Geoff got 2 free lunches at work (score! Love free food!) so it’s been a couple days since I last had to cook. However, next week I’m determined to get back into our routine, and I have a couple meals that I’d like to try out that should produce leftovers to carry us through lunch for the week.

How did you do this week?

Food Waste Friday…beef stew


This week I only have some leftover beef stew to claim as my food waste. I don’t have a picture because, well, I haven’t throw it out yet (but I will tonight!) because it’s a recent decision.

When I went grocery shopping on Monday, some stew meat was on clearance (please tell me I’m not the only one who buys clearance meat!) so I bought some of that, beef broth and a couple of potatoes. We made the stew this week along with some carrots from our garden. It was good that night, though the amount of potatoes overwhelmed everything else, because I bought two when I really only needed one.

I proceeded to have it for leftovers on Wednesday and Thursday, and I wasn’t impressed either day. So, rather than (literally) choke it down one more day, I decided to call it a lost cause and chuck the rest. It just wasn’t as good as the first night. Luckily Geoff got two free lunches at work this week so that was good, but it also meant that he wasn’t choking down the stew with me! So, I’m throwing the last two or three servings away.

I might also have a bag of lettuce from when my family was here, which they bought. I need to check on that, but if it isn’t good then it’s going to the worms!
All in all, not a bad week, compared to others I’ve had.

Food Waste Friday


I can officially deem this food waste Friday a success! We have had no food waste (so far!) I think this is either the first time, or only one of a handful of times that I haven’t had any waste. I think it’s the Food Stamp Challenge that’s getting me moving on using every last bit of food in the house!

How did you do this week?

Food Waste fail


I failed this week with my food waste in several ways. First, because I haven’t actually cleaned the fridge out yet, and second because I (like The Frugal Girl, actually) had to throw out a whole Pyrex full of some kind of rice. I can’t remember the name of this rice, but we bought it for a Weight Watchers recipe. It was OK in the recipe, but neither of us were crazy about it at the time. We chalked it up to not liking the broccoli we put in there, but when I re-made just the rice by itself, neither of us really liked that. For me it was partially because of the onions, but overall we just weren’t crazy about it. So, it just sat there, and while I’m sure it’s still OK, I know we’re not going to eat it, so there’s no sense in waiting until it’s actually moldy.

The other disappointing thing I threw out was blackberries. We bought a really big container of them and ate most of them (I’d say there’s less than a serving left) but I discovered that I’m really not a big fan of blackberries (who knew?) and the longer those last few sat the less appealing they seemed to become. So, they’ll go into the compost.

I also let 3 bananas go brown, but that isn’t a waste at all since I will make banana bread or muffins from them. Hmm, should do that this weekend, because my banana situation in the freezer is getting a little crowded.

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Food Waste Friday win!


I’m very proud of my lack of food waste this week! We have managed to keep everything in the house eaten in a timely manner (although I just remembered one thing we wasted…tortilla chips from ages ago. They were OK, but had gotten stale so they had to go). However, I do have a story for you.

A long while ago (since this is a food waste story this is a little embarrassing to admit) Geoff was cooking dinner and decided to buy fresh spices for it. Now, I almost never buy fresh spices because a. I don’t really like spices in my food because they’re so so flavorful (yes, I’m boring) and b. they’re expensive and we don’t always use them all. Case in point today, when I finally pulled out the thyme that had long since dried up in the fridge. Embarrassing, I know. Anyway I was about to throw it out when I remembered that we have a mortar and pestle, and since the thyme was dried, I could just crush it up and save it! (By the way, man is that stuff strong).

So that’s what I did! I only ended up wasting the stems, which really isn’t a waste, and they went into the compost anyway. So aside from those chips, I did pretty well this week!

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